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    Engineering and construction company «Reengineering» offers professional solutions in the field of design and construction.

    LLC «reengineering» — an engineering company specializing in the implementation of design and survey works for construction of new and reconstruction of existing industrial facilities, warehouse and civil of any degree of complexity.

    The management and the company’s specialists have extensive experience in the design and function of the author, as well as technical supervision.

    The company’s mission — leadership in the field of design. The use of advanced production technology and management.

    The strategic goal of the company — increasing the efficiency of design, cost reduction of the Customer and terms of design with a high level quality of work.

    Our success is based on the following principles:

    The high quality of work performed.

    Full range of works. This collection of baseline data, permits, preparation of job design, design and survey works, passing through state examination, obtaining a building permit, construction and installation work, commissioning the facility.
    The reliability of the proposed solutions. Advisory support in the planning, choosing the right solutions, matching.
    High mobility and the minimum term of the order to start work.